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How to be Polite

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How to be Polite

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Слайд 1

How to be Polite 10 steps Презентацию подготовила Учитель английского языка Сироткина И.Н.

Слайд 2

Let’s try to be polite. In everything we do. Remember always to say “please”, And don’t forget “thank you”.

Слайд 3

One day, Bill and Tom went to a restaurant for dinner. As soon as the waiter took out two steaks, Bill quickly picked out the bigger steak for himself. Tom wasn't happy about that: "When are you going to learn to be polite?" Bill: "If you had the chance to pick first, which one would you pick?" Tom: "The smaller piece, of course." Bill: "What are you whining about then? The smaller piece is what you want, right?"

Слайд 4

How to be polite 1. Be gentle, not insistent. 2. Don’t interrupt your friends 3. Start a conversation by asking questions about the other person.

Слайд 5

4. Be honest. 5. Shake hands and look your acquaintance in the eye. 6. Know the proper dinner etiquette.

Слайд 6

7. Have a laugh which shows you are having fun, without being loud. 8. Most Americans smile a lot to be polite. However, they usually do not smile at strangers. 9. Schoolboys and schoolgirls call their teachers “Sir”, if it is a man. And if the teacher is a woman, they say “Miss”.

Слайд 7

Americans and Englishmen don’t like people to come too near to them. Do you touch people? Many Northern Europeans and North Americans don’t touch each other very much.

Слайд 8

Hello! Goodbye! Thank you. I’m sorry. Excuse me.

Слайд 9

Formal saying hello Let me introduce myself. Good morning/afternoon. Pleased to meet you. How do you do.

Слайд 10

My name is/ I’m… Nice to meet you. How are you? Hello!

Слайд 11

I’d like to say good-bye. I look forward to seeing you again. Please let me know how you are. I promise.

Слайд 12

Call me. See you. Have a good day.