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Презентація на тему:
New Millennium English

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New Millennium English

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Слайд 1

New Millennium English (6th class) (O.B. Dvoretskaya) Unit 5: Christmas and New Year Grammar lesson: preparation for the progress page. “Winter Holiday”

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

24 flat, Sokos Hotel 15 Urho Kekonsen Street Helsinki Finland   10 December Dear friends from Russia, I’m writing to you from snowy Finland. And I want to tell you about my winter holidays. I hope you would like to know about it! Every year I go to Finland with my family for my winter holidays. It’s December now and the weather is cold here. The white snowflakes are falling on the ground and the snow is sparkling under the lanterns light. Every day we help people to decorate their city with tinsel, lights and bright lanterns for New Year festival. Also I like shopping with my mum for New Year presents for our friends. Last three days of my holidays I usually spend on New Year festival. We sing and dance in a circle, go toboggan, make a snowman and play snowballs. But the most interesting part of the festival is a Parade. When Santa comes on 12-reindeers open-sleigh and brings presents for everyone. Also I’d like to visit Lapland where Santa lives. I’d like to know about your winter holidays. Where do you usually go? And what do you usually do? Write me back as soon as you can! Best wishes, Jane.

Слайд 4

I do my homework every day. She eats vegetables every morning. Positive (+) I You We + V1 They He She + Vs It

Слайд 5

-y -ies study – studies fly - flies -ch, -sh teach – teaches push - pushes other cases put - puts decorate - decorates hang - hangs

Слайд 6

I am swimming now. He is jumping now. We are walking now. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Positive (+) I am + Ving We You are + Ving They He She is + Ving It

Слайд 7

№1. Underline the correct verb. I go / goes to the beach with my parents every morning. We play / are playing volleyball now. My father is listening/listens to the different stories every evening. My friends and I go/are going from house to house and sing carols every Christmas. My mother buy / buys some souvenirs for her friends each holidays.

Слайд 8

The snow is falling / falls on the ground. I always eat / am eating some traditional food in restaurants at my holidays. I am dancing / dance in a circle with my friends now. They are baking / bake a fruitcake for Christmas now. The strong wind blows / is blowing.

Слайд 9

№2. Put the verb into the correct form. I to Britain with my family for my winter holidays. It’s our family tradition. The weather is hot here. The sun . Every day we volleyball on the beach. We snowballs. My mother looks very happy. People their city for the New Year. It’s an old tradition. My mother my granny to bake the fruitcake for Christmas dinner. They always do it altogether as now. The winter here. The weather colder and colder. My father my granny in the garden sometimes. (go) (shine) (play) (prepare) (play) (help) (help) (come) (become) go is shining play are playing prepare is helping is comeing helps is becoming

Слайд 10

I like swimming in the sea. I’d like to go to Australia for my winter holiday. I like + Ving (мне нравится что-то делать) I’d like + V1 (мне бы хотелось что-то сделать)