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Manchester is situated in the north-west of England not far from the capital of Great Britain. Manchester is the most important centre of the cotton industry. Manchester is one of Britain's most important producers of computers and electronic equipment. Manchester is the fifth largest port in Great Britain.

Слайд 3

The population of Manchester is about 680,000 people. Manchester was the first city in England, which built its own airport in 1919. The city is an important cultural centre, famous for publishing books and magazines. It is also noted for its excellent libraries, magnificent museums and art galleries.

Слайд 4

The famous Halle Orchestra which is the leading British symphony orchestra is in Manchester and gives concerts twice a week.

Слайд 5

Manchesterl Coat of Arms

Слайд 6

Town Hall

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

Слайд 9

Piccadilly Plaza

Слайд 10

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

Слайд 11


Слайд 12

Manchester Conference Centre

Слайд 13

Beetham Tower The highest building in the city

Слайд 14

University of Manchester

Слайд 15

Manchester Central Library

Слайд 16

Manchester Wheel

Слайд 17

Manchester Airport

Слайд 18

Manchester Inn Bed and Breakfast

Слайд 19

Palace Hotel

Слайд 20

City of Manchester Stadium

Слайд 21

By Olha Khomyshyn

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