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Manage a Hotel

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Manage a Hotel

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Слайд 1

Do you manage a Hotel?

Слайд 2

To manage a hotel.. we need these and a committed management team..

Слайд 3

To manage a hotel well , these need to perform in unison – A Symphony Cevalsoft’s Hotel Management package lets you create a Symphony of individual business processes Cevalsoft works with Openbravo to help you manage your hotel An ERP system tailor made for Hotel Management Solutions which can accommodate E-commerce and CRM for your marketing and retailing needs Solutions which let you concentrate on your business and manage your IT systems smartly

Слайд 4

Engagement Methodology - Implementation

Слайд 5

Conference Group overview Hotel Room Conference Room Food & Beverage Equipment Invoicing Room management Layout Pricing Availability Housekeeping Resource planning Cleaning loop Change management Status reporting via TV/Phone system Booking Room Reservations Individuals Groups Table reservation Conference Reservation Conferences Meetings Events Reporting & Overview Reception Check-in Check-out New Reservations Quick Folio In-House Reservation Overview Floor Plan Lost & Founds Maintenance To do list Blocking Schedule tasks Lost and found Register Delivery Phonebook In-house use Pick up Baggage service

Слайд 6

Engagement Methodology Value added services Does the relationship end here? No, We offer other value added services which will help you focus on your business better.. Remote data services Staffing services Remote Infrastructure Management Email support services Telephone support services E-Learning support services Application integration services

Слайд 7

Engagement Methodology Post Implementation For post implementation support Please feel free to contact us through www.cevalsoft.com 1-888-3767142 Sales@cevalsoft.com

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