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Слайд 4

My Friend A friend is like a shade tree Beside a summer way A friend is like the sunshine That makes a perfect day A friend is like a flower That’s worn close to the heart A friend is like a treasure With which one will not part

Слайд 5

That makes a perfect day A friend is like a shade tree A friend is like a flower A friend is like a treasure Beside a summer way A friend is like a sunshine With which one will not part That’s worn close to the heart

Слайд 6

Complete the sentences John wants to be a scientist. He is very __ She’s got green and red hair. She is ___ I always say ‘please’, ‘thank you’. I am __ Jane writes interesting stories. She is __ My friend is 1metre 50. He’s very ____ He doesn’t like meeting new people. He’s __ My sister asks lots of questions. She’s ____ Ann never helps her mother. She’s ____

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

My Best Friend Susan is my best friend. She looks like her mother. She is _____.She’s got short _____ fair hair. Her face is ________. Her eyes are grey. She’s got _______ eyelashes. Susan has white ______ and a very pleasant _________. My friend is very kind and __________. She is __________ and ____________ . She knows a lot of interesting ____________.Susan can play the ___________ and draw well. pretty curly oval long teeth smile smart helpful easy going stories piano

Слайд 9

Reading comprehension

Слайд 10

Match the words to make true sentenses Lolly is popular at school David is a nice girl Tom is an unusual girl Luka is an excellent pupil Jasmine is sporty

Слайд 11

Say WHO ____ is very clever. ____ has got an interesting hobby – writing stories. ____ is in the school basketball team. ____ has got a nickname. ____ isn’t a good pupil. ____ has got a real mini lab. ____ is helpful. ____ has got hundreds of CDs.

Слайд 12

Unscramble the questions has, two, Who, interesting, got, hobbies? Tom, games, play, can, What? got, in, David, has, his, What, room? is, nickname, What, Elizabeth’s? English, German, Who, speak, can, and? Luka, good, Is, a, pupil?

Слайд 13

Unscramble the questions Who has got two interesting hobbies? What games can Tom play? What has David got in his room? What is Elizabeth’s nickname ? Who can speak English and German? Is Luka a good pupil?

Слайд 14

1 2 3 4 5

Слайд 15

Make sentences about yourself fond of … crazy about ... interested in … I am good at … mad about … not very good at … into …

Слайд 16

Listening comprehension ALEXIA DAVID SARAH

Слайд 17

Listening comprehension Alexia loves …. a) hip hop b) cycling c) pop music Alexia isn’t good at …. a) art b) tennis c) volleyball Sarah is interested in …. a) books b) football c) photography Sarah is not into …….. a) football b) photography c) books David is good at ….. a) swimming b) computer games c) taekwondo David isn’t interested in …… a) computer games b) books c) swimming

Слайд 18

Слайд 19

A good friend should …. be loyal respect you trust you keep your secrets be kind to you be helpful have the same interests take care of you share things with you

Слайд 20

about my friend

Слайд 21

Слайд 22

Quiz: Are you a good friend? Do your friends tell you their secrets? Do you keep your friends’ secrets? Do you talk about problems with your friends? Do your friends always help you? Do you trust your friends? Do you invite friends to your parties? Do you often get angry with your friends? Do you lie to your friends?

Слайд 23

Quiz: Are you a good friend? 1 – 5 “yes” answers: You must think about your friends more. 6 – 8 “yes” answers: You are a good friend!

Слайд 24

Have a nice day!

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