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Слайд 2

It is very important for us to make the right choice of profession. Two years ago I decided to become a photographer.

Слайд 3

A photographer is a man, who creates pictures by a camera. Work of photographer presents directly fotosession.

Слайд 4

History of profession of photographer began in 1839 , when Lewie Dager was on meeting of Academy of sciences and Academy of arts in Paris he presented the original method of fixing of image. History

Слайд 5

Kuznecova Lyalya ( 1946 )

Слайд 6

Ostrovska Rita (1953)

Слайд 7

Larry Clark (1943)

Слайд 8

Robert Capa ( 1913 – 1954)

Слайд 9

Robert Frank ( 1924)

Слайд 10

Organization of the little business, for example fotostudio.

Слайд 11

Photographer must be patient, deal with people, be confident and sociable, be imaginative and creative. Responsibilities

Слайд 12

A large plus is freedom. It is possible to travel, to see the world. This profession is interesting, popular, well-paid and follow fashion.

Слайд 13

In this profession are competitive and envious people.

Слайд 14

I decided to become a photographer, because this profession is interesting, well-paid and follow fashion. Conclusion

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