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Презентація на тему:
Food and Health

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Food and Health

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Слайд 1

Food and Health

Слайд 2

Does our health depend on food we eat?

Слайд 3

Proverbs and Sayings An apple a day differ. The way to man’s heart not live to eat. To lengthen your life, is through his stomach. Tastes keeps the doctor away. We eat to live, lessen your meal. You are what you eat.

Слайд 4

Use the scheme S1 (w) S2 (wc) S3 (s) S4 (qu) S5 (a)

Слайд 5

Chicken soup Vegetable salad Hot dog

Слайд 6

Salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar If + Present, Present If + Present, will If + Past, would

Слайд 7

Does our health depend on food we eat?

Слайд 8

Useful Phrases Expressing opinion A think A am sure To my mind A believe An my opinion A can say Agreeing Exactly A think so That’s right Absolutely Disagreeing I’m afraid you are wrong Absolutely not A see your point but… On the one hand, On the other hand, I have got an argument to oppose.

Слайд 9

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