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Festivals from around the world

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Festivals from around the world

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Слайд 2

13 ingredients Christmas pudding Let’s talk about some of Christmas symbols. Lets’ start with the Christmas pudding. There are a lot of superstitious connected with Christmas. Look at the screen. What are they?

Слайд 3

good health http://aida.ucoz.ru If you want to have good health throughout the next year, eat an apple on Christmas Eve.

Слайд 4

Good year If the wind is blowing on Christmas Day, you are in for a good year.

Слайд 5

bad luck If you wear new shoes on Christmas Day, it will bring you bad luck.

Слайд 6

If you refuse … bad luck If you refuse a mince pie at Christmas dinner, you will have bad luck for the coming day.

Слайд 7

happiness If you want to be happy, eat Christmas pudding on Christmas Day.

Слайд 8

special fortune If a baby is born on Christmas Day, it will have a special fortune.

Слайд 9

good luck Good luck will come to the home where a fire is kept burning throughout the Christmas season.

Слайд 10

‘cut your luck' If you cut a mince pie, you'll "cut your luck' too.

Слайд 11

Easter will be green If it snows on Christmas Day, Easter will be green.

Слайд 12

many happy months You will have as many happy months in the coming year, as the number of houses you eat mince pies in during Christmastime.

Слайд 13

carry heavy weights If you eat a raw egg before eating anything else on Christmas morning, you will be able to carry heavy weights.

Слайд 14

all animals can speak On Christmas Eve all animals can speak. However, it is bad luck to test this superstition.

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