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"Fast food"

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"Fast food"

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Слайд 1

Fast food Mikheyeva Nastya 11-P 2013

Слайд 2

First popularized in the 1950s in the United States Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly

Слайд 3

The Pros

Слайд 4

pretty cheap

Слайд 5

ready to go

Слайд 6

perfect for when you are really hungry

Слайд 7

an easy solution for those who don't feel like cooking or preparing a home made meal

Слайд 8

you don't have to wait

Слайд 9

a very tasty food

Слайд 10

it's almost impossible not to find a fast food restaurant in your way to work or to school

Слайд 11

it's easier to eat from a drive in fast food than to look for a parking place in a crowded area

Слайд 12

The cons

Слайд 13

it's pretty catchy... it's tasty, it's good, it solves the hunger problem and it becomes the solution for every day lunch. High-fat, high-sugar foods are widely available, taste good and cost less than healthier foods

Слайд 14

the sizes keep increasing, making us more and more dependent on this type of food; in addition, because it is tasty, you'll try to eat the entire "super-size" meal, even if your body doesn't need that much

Слайд 15

the beautiful pictures with perfect burgers, pizzas or kebabs are so perfect only in magazines and promos

Слайд 16

the biggest problem of fast food is that it's very easy to find and very accessible for kids; during childhood, they need healthy food, water or natural juice, not soda and activity.

Слайд 17

fast food represents elevate risk for diabetes an increased risk of developing insulin resistance

Слайд 18

fast food is loaded with calories from refined sugar and fats; it's high in sodium, coming from common salt and other additives and deficient in dietary fiber and essential micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals

Слайд 19

fast food means empty calories in the body, stored as body fat. A regular meal at McDonald's (a Big Mac, large fries, and a large Coca-Cola) has 1430 calories. We need 2000 calories for an entire day (depending on factors such as weight, height, physical activity and gender)

Слайд 20

Conclusion As for me, fast food is a great decision if you need a fast and a tasty food, but only sometimes. At all, this unhealthy lifestyle can bring you many problems. So, if you want to keep fit and save your health you should do sport and eat more home food. It’s more delicious and undangerous.

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