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English painters

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English painters

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Слайд 1

English painters

Слайд 2

Talking about the British painters' contribution to the world of cultural heritage, we usually recall such artists as Hogarth, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Constable, Turner. These are the painters of truly international standing. John Constable and William Turner were the greatest representatives of the Golden age of English landscape.

Слайд 3

William Hogarth (10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764) was a major English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic and editorial cartoonist who has been credited with pioneering western sequential art. His work ranged from realistic portraiture to comic strip-like series of pictures called "modern moral subjects". Much of his work poked fun at contemporary politics and customs; illustrations in such style are often referred as "Hogarthian".

Слайд 4

“The South Sea Scheme” 1721 “A Just View of the British Stage” 1724

Слайд 5

“The Marriage Settlement” 1743-1745 “ The Lady’s Death”

Слайд 6

“Beer Street and Gin Lane” 1751 “Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram” 1740

Слайд 7

“March of the Guards of Frinchley” 1750

Слайд 8

William and Jane Hogarth’s tomb Farewell great Painter of Mankind Who reache’d the noblest point of Art Whose pictur’d Morals charm the Mind And throuh the Eye correct the Heart. If Genius fire thee, Reader stay, If Nature touch thee, drop a Tear. If niether move thee, Turn away. For Hogarth’s honour’d dust lies here.

Слайд 9

Sir Joshua Reynolds (16 July 1723 – 23 February 1792) was an influential 18th century English painter, specialising in portraits and promoting the "Grand Style" in painting which depended on idealisation of the imperfect. He usually painted his characters in heroic style and showed them as the best people of the nation. He was one of the founders and first President of the Royal Academy.

Слайд 10

Sir Joshua Reynolds “ Lady Elizabeth Delme and Her Children” 1770-1780 Mrs Abington 1771

Слайд 11

“David Garrick Between Tragedy and Comedy” 1760-1761

Слайд 12

“Lord Keppel” 1779 “Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney, The Archers” 1769

Слайд 13

Thomas Gainsborough (born 14 May 1727 – died 2 August 1788) was one of the most famous portrait and landscape painters of 18th century of Britain. His portraits are painted in clear tones. His works contain much poetry and music. He is sometimes considered the forerunner of the impressionists.

Слайд 14

“ Lady in Blue” 1770 “The Blue Boy” 1770

Слайд 15

“Wooded Landscape with a Waggon in the Shade” 1760s

Слайд 16

Joseph Mallord William Turner He was born on 23d April in 1775 in London. His father was the owner of a small barber's shop, mother died insane. He painted waves and storms, clouds and mists with a great skills. Victorian England which found it more important that a man be a gentleman in the past place and only in the second a genius, never forgave him.

Слайд 17

J.M.W. Turner “ Snowstorm: Steamboat off a Harbour Mouth”

Слайд 18

J.M.W. Turner “ Fighting Temeraire” 1839

Слайд 19

“Dido Building Carthage”

Слайд 20

John Constable (11 June 1776 – 31 March 1837) was an English Romantic painter. Born in Suffolk, he is known principally for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale, the area surrounding his home—now known as "Constable Country. Although his paintings are now among the most popular and valuable in British art, he was never financially successful and did not become a member of the establishment until. He was elected to the Royal Academy at the age of 52. He sold more paintings in France than in his native England.

Слайд 21

John Constable “ The Haywain “ 1821 “Dedham Vale” 1802

Слайд 22

“View of Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds” circa 1822

Слайд 23

“Stonehendge” 1836 “Parham’s Mill”

Слайд 24

Painting of old masters is one of the greatest treasures mankind has collected in the history of its civilization. Old painting reflects the collective experience of human spiritual life of many centuries.

Слайд 25

Modern Arts

Слайд 26

Spencer Gore “The Icknield Way” 1912

Слайд 27

Christopher Nevinson “Waves” 1917

Слайд 28

David Jones 1926

Слайд 29

Julian Trevelyan “ Landscape with Church and Telegraph Pole” 1937

Слайд 30

Keith Vaugham “Cottage in Kerry” 1955

Слайд 31

Peter Kinley “Studio Interior – Easel and Table” 1960

Слайд 32

Petrick Haron “Two Reds in Red” 1962

Слайд 33

Richard Smith “ Large Brown Drawing” 1970

Слайд 34

Richard Lin “ Where is the Mountain” 1971

Слайд 35

David Inshaw “The Badminton Gate” 1972

Слайд 36

William Scott “ Yellow Square Plus Quarter Blue” 1972

Слайд 37

Shella Fell “ Potato Field Cumberland I” 1974

Слайд 38

Victor Willing, 1981

Слайд 39

Flanagan Barry “The Lack of Civility” 1982

Слайд 40

Jim Tait – Marine artist, 2000

Слайд 41

British Artist Naginb Karsan, 2010

Слайд 42

Mark Preston, 2010

Слайд 43

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