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Welcome to a fairy cafe

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Welcome to a fairy cafe

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Слайд 1

Welcome to “ A Fairy Cafe”

Слайд 2

Introduction I am very glad to see you in my cafe. You can have a good time here. There are excellent workers, who will serve your table quickly and well.

Слайд 3

The menu is not so various, but all the dishes are tasty and cooked with love. For the starter you can choose: Borsch Chicken broth Salad with cabbage and peas

Слайд 4

For the main course we have: Bacon and eggs; Chips; Cornflakes; Pepper with rice stuffing; Baked pumpkin; Mashed potatoes; Stewed cabbage; Sandwich, which is our most favourite dish

Слайд 5

There are also some meat courses: Fried pork with apples; Pies with beef liver; Boiled chicken.

Слайд 6

Drinks Non alcoholic drinks: Tea; Coffee; Fruit juice; Coca-Cola. Alcoholic drinks: Vodka; White wine; Red wine.

Слайд 7

I’d like to suggest you some fish-courses or sea food: Smoked herring; Salad with hunchback salmon; Crayfish; Crab.

Слайд 8

Dessert There are several different dishes, some of them are specially for Christmas: Fruit cake with and pancakes Cherry pie Cherry cake with cream Sponge cake Ice-cream with cream and strawberry Strawberry with whipped cream

Слайд 9

For dessert there are also some fruit and berries: Grapes Pear Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Peach Oranges Apple

Слайд 10

Good bye! Look in next time!

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