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Презентація на тему:
Дитячі садочки в Польщі

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Дитячі садочки в Польщі

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Слайд 2

Preparing for „school life” Żłobek (nursery) – place for children aged from 6 weeks to about 3 years, whose parents or guardians work outside home. The nursery children have food, constant care and participate in extra-curricular activities (e.g. swimming, foreign languages ). Przedszkole (Kindergarten) – place for children aged from 3 years to the beginning of primary school. The purpose of kindergarten is preparing kids for school duties and providing physical, mental, emotional and social development.

Слайд 3

KINDERGARtEN The kindergarten is the first step in our education. Kids can start attending it at the age of three, but it is obligatory for six year old children. 3-6years old

Слайд 4

Kindergarden Kindergarden

Слайд 5

Organizing time of child who is in the Kindergarden. PLAY CARING ACTIVITIES, SELF-SERVICE etc. CLASSES OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Слайд 6

Areas for nursery educational activities. Patriotic education Helping to understand atmospheric phenomena Development of learning, reading Implemention of child care

Слайд 7

Areas for nursery educational activities. Education in respect to plants and animals Education through art Physical development Intelectual development with math education

Слайд 8

The core curriculum in grades 1-3 include topics of: Ethics Social education Natural education Computer classes Physical education

Слайд 9

Primary school First step of official education. Primary school in Poland is compulsory. A child can go to primary school at 6 or 7 years. Learning in this school lasts 6 years. This is an introduction to further study on a much more difficult school level. During the first 3 years the child learns to write, read and also the foundations of mathematics, then takes to develop language skills and mathematics.

Слайд 10

PRIMARY SCHOOL Attending primary school starts at the age of seven, but if parents decide their children can go there at the age of six. There are six years of education and at the end of it children have to take an exam. Of 6 6-13years old