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Appearance: description

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Appearance: description

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Слайд 1

Appearance [2010] School Year Tetiana Il'enko

Слайд 2

A poem “My sister” My sister is pretty, my sister is nice. She’s got a small nose and beautiful eyes. Her lips are rosy, her cheeks are rosy too. Her hair is curly, her eyes are blue. Her face is round, her ears are small. I love my dear sister best of all, best of all.

Слайд 3

Parts of body

Слайд 4


Слайд 5


Слайд 6


Слайд 7


Слайд 8

Dasha’s story

Слайд 9

True (T) or false (F) This text is about my friend Svetlana._______ She lives in London._______ She is a teacher._____ She does not go to school.______ Her face is oval.____ My friend is very kind._____

Слайд 10

Choose the right answer 1. This text is _________? a) about my brother; b) about my sister; c) about my friend; 2. Sofia is_______? a) 8; b) 9; c) 10; 3. She lives in ______? a) Lviv; b) Moscow; c) Kyiv; 4. Sofia is _____? a) not tall and slim ; b) short and fat; c) not tall and thin; 5. Her hair is ________? a) black; b) blonde; c) brown; 6. Her eyes are ____? a) grey; b) brown; c) green;

Слайд 11

Right answers True (T) or false (F) F F F F T T Choose the right answer c c c a c c

Слайд 12

The dialog between Max and Sofia

Слайд 13

Questions He or she? Is he \ she tall or short? What colour is his \ her hair? What colour are his \ her eyes? Is he \ she ______(strong, pretty, kind ,nice) Is this ____________?

Слайд 14

Musical pause Ten fingers in my hands In my hands.   Ten fingers in my hands In my hands.   Two eyes, one nose All on your face.   Ten fingers in my hands In my hands.