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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney

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Слайд 1

Walt Disney

Слайд 2

Childhood Walt Disney was born in Chicago, his father was an Irish Canadian, his mother was of German-American origin. He revealed a talent for drawing and an interest in photography.

Слайд 3

In 1923 he left for Hollywood and for some years has struggled against poverty while producing a series of cartoon films.

Слайд 4

It was there that Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short animated films called the “Alice Comedies”

Слайд 5

Mickey Mouse was “born” in 1928,followed by Pluto, goofy, donald duck, and the rest of the disney characters

Слайд 6

In 1955 he branched out into a different enterprise – “Disneyland”, a huge amusement park in southern California.

Слайд 7

Disneyland is situated 27 miles south of Los Angeles. Of all the show-places none is so famous as Disneyland.

Слайд 8

This kingdom of fantasy was created by Walt Disney.

Слайд 9

Disney stars

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Слайд 11

Tom and Jerry

Слайд 12

Lady and the tramp

Слайд 13


Слайд 14

Brother bear

Слайд 15


Слайд 16

Our lovely ducks!