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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney

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Слайд 1

Walt Disney

Слайд 2

Childhood Walt Disney was born in Chicago, his father was an Irish Canadian, his mother was of German-American origin. He revealed a talent for drawing and an interest in photography.

Слайд 3

In 1923 he left for Hollywood and for some years has struggled against poverty while producing a series of cartoon films.

Слайд 4

It was there that Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short animated films called the “Alice Comedies”

Слайд 5

Mickey Mouse was “born” in 1928,followed by Pluto, goofy, donald duck, and the rest of the disney characters

Слайд 6

In 1955 he branched out into a different enterprise – “Disneyland”, a huge amusement park in southern California.

Слайд 7

Disneyland is situated 27 miles south of Los Angeles. Of all the show-places none is so famous as Disneyland.

Слайд 8

This kingdom of fantasy was created by Walt Disney.

Слайд 9

Disney stars

Слайд 10


Слайд 11

Tom and Jerry

Слайд 12

Lady and the tramp

Слайд 13


Слайд 14

Brother bear

Слайд 15


Слайд 16

Our lovely ducks!

Слайд 17


Слайд 18

One of two stars dedicated to Walt Disney on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Слайд 19

Walt Disney died in California at the age of 65. His works have given so much pleasure to many people, young and old in many countries for many years.

Слайд 20

Anastasia Dorofeeva & Valery Kalchenko

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